Washer and Dryer Sets Are Available in Different Sizes and Styles

You have different options when you are looking for washer and dryer sets, such as all-in-one units, stackable units, and side-by-side units. In order to determine which one works best for your situation, you need to ask yourself some questions. First, and probably one of the more important aspects to consider, is how much space do you have available for your washer and dryer? If you have a small amount of room available, then a full size washer and full size dryer may not fit. The next question to consider is what type of hook-ups do you have, and what ones need to be added? The washer will need to be connected to both hot and cold water lines and have a drain. The dryer does depend on whether it is electric or gas, and could include needing a 220 volt outlet, connection to a gas line, and venting.  Once you answer these questions, then you can consider the kinds of features and options you want in your new washer and dryer.  

Make Sure to Match Capacities of Washer and Dryer Sets  

It is important to remember, when selecting washer and dryer sets, that you properly match their capacities. For example, you do not want to purchase an extra-large capacity washer which could accommodate up to 16 pounds of clothes per cycle, and then purchase a dryer than is designed to only handle 12 pounds of clothes per cycle. If the units were mismatched like this, and you washed a full load of clothes and put it into your dryer, the dryer would end up running much longer, using more electricity, or might overheat, and would end up not fully drying your clothing. Your other option to avoid this issue would either be having to cut back, and wash smaller loads of clothes, or end up running two different dryer cycles.