Consider a Ventless LG Dryer for Your Next New Dryer

There are several different types of dryers available on the market today for you to choose from the next time you need to purchase one. It is important to understand how each one operates, to ensure you select the best unit for your business, home, or apartment community. The styles with which most people are familiar are conventional dryers. These models require a dryer vent and access to a 220V power outlet. Conventional dryers operate by heating and circulating warmed air through the clothes, and by venting the moist air outdoors. Some of the concerns people have with conventional models are the amount of energy they require to operate, keeping the vents free from lint, and satisfying building codes which limit the distance of dryer vents to the outdoors to 25 feet or less. Also, there are specific codes in regards to running venting around corners, and, in such situations, they require the length of the vent to be much shorter.

Another style you should consider is the ventless dryer, because they eliminate the need for having a dryer vent. Further, many of the models are energy- efficient and use a fraction of the energy conventional dryers require for drying your clothes. For instance, you can find two different types of LG dryer models available. One model uses air-to-air condensation drying, where two different air circulation systems are used to dry your clothes, which is commonly found in stackable and stand-alone ventless dryers. The other model available is a LG combination washer and dryer, where you are able to both wash and dry your clothes in the same unit. Combination units use cold water condensation technology to dry your clothes.