How Does a Ventless Dryer Work?

Ventless dryers are different from conventional dryers. A conventional dryer requires connecting the exhaust port on the dryer to a dryer vent. With a ventless model, there is no additional connection needed. The ventless dryer uses advanced condensation drying technologies. Two of the more common technologies found in today’s ventless models are either air-to-air drying or cold water condensation drying. The former is common in stand-alone machines, while the latter is found in washer dryer combo models.

The basic drying process is to take heated air and cool it to remove moisture from the machine. With air-to-air drying there is an exchange of hot and cool air to remove the moisture. In cold water condensation models, the cold water cools the hot air and extracts the moisture from the clothes.

Do Ventless Dryers Use More Electricity to Dry Clothes than Conventional Dryers?

Some people might think ventless dryer models use more electricity to dry their clothes since drying cycles are typically longer than conventional machines. In spite of this, ventless drying uses less energy. With a conventional dryer, all of the heated air used to dry clothes is vented outdoors. This means the dryer has to draw in cool air and heat it up to the right temperature in order to fully dry clothes. Condensation drying technologies recycle the heated hair back into the drum with minimal heat loss, reducing the amount of electricity needed to dry the clothes.

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