Tips for Pairing Washer and Dryer Sets

Take the time to match washer and dryer sets’ capacities whenever you are shopping for new laundry pairs. With many washers and dryers looking the same these days, it is easy to mess up capacities and which models are meant to go with one another. For example, you might want the features or options found on a particular washer or dryer. However, you do not need these additional options on the suggested matching model. In order to match appliances, simply read the load capacity specifications on the suggested matching appliance. Use this information to verify it is the same on the washer or dryer you ultimately select.

In addition, the amount of space you have available in your home should be used to select the size of the laundry pair. Prior to starting your shopping, take the time to measure the area where you intend to install the washer and dryer sets. If you are planning on placing the appliances side-by-side, remember to include side clearances of at least 1 inch on each side in the total width amount, and 4 inches of clearance behind the appliances. Appliances look much smaller in showrooms than they do after they arrive at your home. The measurements are also useful when shopping online and ordering your appliances direct.

If you discover you lack the sufficient width for installing the appliances next to each other, you are able to stack certain models. You will need a stacking kit, as this ensures the dryer is securely attached on top the washer and prevents it from falling off. Let your appliance supplier know you need a stack kit when you order your new laundry pair.