Tips for Making Your Laundry Room More Efficient

Whether you have a dedicated laundry room within your home or share the space as part of a utility room or basement, taking the time to organize your laundry area will make doing laundry easier. No one really enjoys having to spend their weekends or other free time doing laundry. Working in a messy laundry room causes us to procrastinate and put off doing this chore for as long as possible. By implementing the following tips, you will find you have to spend less time on laundry and more free time to spend however you desire.

  1. Put laundry detergents and products in a location where they are easy to access and reach. Having quick access to these items will cut down on the time needed to measure and pour them into the washer. As an alternative, consider using washing pods or tablets and dryer sheets to never have to measure any liquids again.
  2. Install a hanging rod above your washer and dryer. You can quickly hang up anything you do not want to put in the dryer or dry clothes to keep them wrinkle free. Plus, once they are hung up, you do not have to worry about folding them, which is a big time saver. If you lack space above the washer and dryer, hang the bar overhead from the ceiling.
  3. Use a stackable washer and dryer if you are tight on space. You can free up extra space for cabinets and a laundry countertop by stacking your washer and dryer. Consider getting a ventless dryer to eliminate dryer venting, too.
  4. Utilize free wall space. Installing a cabinet or shelving unit near the washer and dryer not only provides a great space to store laundry products, but also makes them easily accessible.

Create your own laundry tips posters and hang them on the wall. You could have a poster that deciphers all of the new laundry symbols being used on apparel and clothing, so you do not have to try to remember what they mean. On another poster, write down stain removal tips and which wash cycles to use to get them out.

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  1. Convert a drawer in a cabinet to a pull-out ironing board. Ironing boards can get in the way, and finding space to store it away can be problematic, especially in smaller laundry areas. In addition, the pull-out ironing board can be used as a folding table or to lay clothes on that you want to hang up.
  2. Create a lost socks wall board. All you need is a small section of a one by four, some paint, wood glue, and some clothes pins. Paint the board in your favorite color, glue the clothes pins to the board, and hang it on the wall in your laundry room. Whenever you cannot find matches to socks, hang the single sock on a clothes pin on the board.

Organizing your laundry room using these ideas will make doing laundry hassle-free. If you need a stack kit for your LG washer and dryer or are considering upgrading to a combination washer dryer to save even more space, please feel free to contact FJS Distributors, Inc. for assistance by calling 800-875-1533 now.

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