Teaching Children How to Do Laundry

Deciding what is the best age to teach children how to do laundry in LG washers and dryers largely depends upon the child. Some parents start their children off when they are still toddlers in diapers. Other parents put off teaching their children until they are tweens or teens. There is no right or wrong age to start teaching children how to do laundry.

Rather, it comes down to the maturity of your child and how well they can handle responsibility. In addition, you do not have to teach them every intricacy about doing laundry overnight, unless they are leaving for college the next day, and you put off teaching them when they were younger.

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  1. Get them involved at a young age. Most five or six year olds are delighted to help with laundry. This is a great age to have them assist with loading the machine and starting wash and dry cycles.
  2. Teach them how to sort clothes. When your child is seven or eight, show them how to sort clothes. Have them sort their own clothes and practice this task until they are proficient. Remember to have them check pockets for items, as well as to turn whichever articles of clothing need to be turned inside out.
  3. Show them how to use the washer and dryer. An eight-year-old is perfectly capable of selecting wash and dry cycles, and adding detergent and other laundry products by themselves. Some adult supervision may still be needed to ensure they are using the right amounts and using the right cycles, until you are satisfied they have accomplished this task.
  4. Teach them how to hang and fold clothes. You may want to get them a folding board to help them learn how to fold shirts. It is equally important to show them which items are appropriate for the dryer, and what items need to be hung up and air dried. Nine or ten is the perfect age to teach children this task.

Teach them how to treat stains and wash items by hand. Showing your child how to treat for stains and wash items by hand is a task that is best learned between the ages of eleven and thirteen.

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If you follow these suggested steps for teaching your child how to do laundry, by the time they are thirteen they will be able to wash and dry their own clothes. Most teenagers enjoy the added freedom of being able to do something for themselves, and parents appreciate not having to sort through the piles of clothes that always seems to end up on teenagers’ bedroom floors.

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