Overcoming Logistic Challenges of Installing Washer and Dryer Sets

The logistic challenge of installing washer and dryer sets is one of the biggest concerns for rental communities which currently do not have in-unit laundries. It is important to carefully identify any potential issues for your buildings and units to avoid problems later. Some of the more common issues rental communities experience include the size of the units, no pre-existing washer dryer connections, no dryer vents, and no in-unit laundry rooms.

Each of these issues is not difficult to resolve by selecting the most appropriate washer and dryer sets. In situations where there are no pre-existing dryer vents, installing ventless dryers overcomes this issue. For rental homes without laundry rooms, you could use a hallway closet, pantry closet, or other area in the unit to install a compact stackable washer and ventless dryer. Just keep in mind, with compact stackable laundry pairs, you will need to tap existing water, drain, and electrical lines, so they should be easily accessible.

If space is a concern, or it is not easy to convert existing closets in your units, another option is to install a compact all-in-one washer and ventless dryer. An all-in-one solution combines both washing and drying features into a single appliance. The appliance may be installed under a countertop in the kitchen where water, drain, and electrical lines are easier to access, or converted into a portable unit with wheels which is easily connected to the kitchen faucet to do laundry.  

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