Laundry Made Easy: Tips for Sorting and Folding

Laundry is one of the least favorite household chores people do, and it takes up a large amount of their time. Two of the biggest time wasters are sorting and folding. The following tips can cut down on the amount of time needed for laundry and give you extra time for more enjoyable activities.

  1. Use Multiple Laundry Baskets: Sort ahead of time by using multiple laundry baskets and putting dirty clothes into the proper basket throughout the week. Then on laundry day, your clothes are already sorted and ready to go into the washer.
  2. Sort by Color, Fabric, and Soil Level: When sorting your clothes, remember the soil level, fabric, and color are all important. You would not want to wash a muddy pair of jeans in with your delicates. Certain fabrics do not wash well together, such as polyester and cotton, because synthetic fabrics tend to attract lint and dye transfers.
  3. Pretreat Laundry: As you are loading a load into your washer, verify it was sorted correctly and look for stains. Pretreat stains with an appropriate product before you wash them. Remember to check pockets for items, pants for belts, and shirts for ties.
  4. Untwist Clothing for Wrinkle Free Drying: Most modern fabrics are designed to dry wrinkle free. However, where most people tend to run into problems is taking the big ball of wet laundry and just tossing it into the dryer. Instead, take the time to shake the clothing free as you load the dryer, and you will not have to worry about ironing, later.
  5. Fold and Hang Clothes Right Away: When clothes first come out of the dryer, there is still enough warmth in them to remove any wrinkles by smoothing them as you fold and hang your clothes. If you forget and leave the clothes in the dryer, be prepared to get out your iron and ironing board.

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