Stop Wasting Time at the Laundromat by Installing a Combination Washer and Dryer in Your Home

It can become tiring having to spend an entire weekend day at the Laundromat doing your laundry. You are stuck in one location for hours on end, feeding quarters into machines also used by other people. You might think this is your only option to get your clothes washed and dried, besides paying for a laundry service. But you would be wrong, as there is another option for you to consider, regardless of whether there are any existing washer and dryer connections in your home.

You are able to retake control of your weekends by purchasing your own combination washer and ventless dryer. This is an all-in-one appliance that not only washes your clothes, but also dries them in the same unit. Because the unit is ventless, there is no dryer vent required for drying your clothes. The appliance does not even require a special dryer plug, and it can be plugged directly into a regular 110V outlet. Your only consideration is deciding how you want to hook up the hot and cold water lines and the discharge line.

One option is to have a plumber install washer hook ups in a fixed location within your home. Your other available option is to add a wheel kit and portable water connection kit to your appliance. Both of these kits turn your new combination washer and dryer into a portable machine. You can store it out of the way whenever it is not needed. Any time you want to do a load of laundry, you simply roll the unit up to your kitchen sink, connect the adapter on the water connection kit to your faucet, turn on the water, plug in the appliance, and you are ready to do laundry.