Renovating Your Apartment Buildings? Install Compact Washers and Dryers

If you are planning on renovating your apartment homes, you should seriously consider installing compact washer and dryer appliances into your newly remodeled units. Since you are already taking the time to repaint the walls, install new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and carpeting, adding a new amenity with in-unit laundry is just one more perk to help you rent your apartments after renovations are completed. Apartment homes, which feature preinstalled washers and dryers in the unit, rent for more than units without a laundry or washer and dryer connections.

There are compact washer and dryer solutions to fit with every type of remodeling situation, regardless of the age of the apartment buildings. For example, if your buildings are older and do not have existing washer and dryer connections, the best solution is to install a combination washer and ventless dryer. This is a single appliance that operates on 110 volts with a common 3-prong outlet. All-in-one solutions do require access to hot and cold water and a discharge drain.

Installing a combination washer dryer is not difficult. You could get a plumber to tap into existing water lines and drain that run in the back of a hall closet, in the bathroom, or in the kitchen. If there are no available lines to tap easily, another option is to convert the combo washer dryer into a portable unit by adding a wheel kit and kitchen sink conversion kit.

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