Reduce Business Laundry Expenses with a Washer and Dryer in One

From doctor’s offices to hair salons, there are numerous businesses which rely upon clean towels, face cloths, and other items in order to conduct business. Most business operations outsource their laundry needs through a laundry service. The laundry service takes care of washing, drying, folding, and returning clean items on a preset schedule. However, using a third party service is not always the most affordable solution for your business.

What if you could do your own laundry and eliminate the service? How much money could you potentially save? To determine your projected savings, you have to compare the annual costs of the laundry service to the estimated costs of purchasing and installing a LG washer dryer combo. In addition, you need to include the costs for laundry supplies, water, and electricity, as well as the labor expense to pay your employees to do loads of dirty laundry.

One thing to remember is investing into a new compact washer and dryer could qualify you for the Section 179 deduction from your business taxes. Do not forget to take this into consideration when comparing the costs between using a service and switching to an in-house laundry solution. Further, after the initial expense of purchasing and installing the appliance, your ongoing monthly costs are water, electric, laundry supplies, and labor, with occasional routine maintenance.

Routine maintenance is recommended since the combo washer and dryer is being used for business purposes. Maintenance should be performed once or twice a year, depending upon the volume of laundry you do. A professional laundry technician inspects the parts and components, verifies they are operating correctly, and thoroughly cleans the interior sections of the machine.

Do I Need Dryer Venting with a Washer and Dryer Combination Appliance?

There is no dryer venting required or necessary with a washer and dryer combo. The dryer relies upon ventless drying technologies to dry wet laundry. Since no dryer vent is needed, you do not have to worry about the construction costs of installing venting, not to mention the fire hazards and increased insurance costs. You do need access to plumbing and a standard 110V three-prong electrical outlet. Since access to hot and cold water lines and drain pipes are limited in business environments, some owners have their new appliances installed next to their bathrooms or in a break area with a kitchenette.

How Many Loads of Laundry Will a Combo Washer Dryer Do a Day?

With a combo machine, both the washing and drying cycles are done in the same machine. As such, total cycle times are about two and half to three hours long. This means, for a typical “9-to5” operation, you will be able to get two or three loads of laundry done each day. If your laundry volume is more than a single appliance can handle, consider investing in more machines. Call LG Washer Dryer FJS Distributors, Inc. at 800-875-1533 for further assistance and additional information.


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