Offer Tenants In-Unit LG Washer and Dryer Appliances

There are clear advantages to offering your tenants in-unit laundry, over providing a shared laundry facility onsite at your apartments. First, you are able to increase your rental rates to offset the costs associated with supplying individual LG washer and dryer appliances in each of your units. The rate increase also makes up for any money you were previously earning from the shared facilities. In addition, you reduce the amount of maintenance and repairs needed to keep shared laundry facilities operational, because fewer loads are being run through each of your appliances.

Another advantage is being able to attract new potential renters. Apartment communities which include in-unit laundry as part of their amenities have an easier time maintaining occupancy rates and filling available units. Further, your existing tenants are more likely to renew their leases and remain residents of your community, because they like that you are providing them with the amenities they desire.

When selecting the LG washer and dryer models to install in your units, you have several options. If your complex is older, or was built without washer and dryer connections, you do not have to worry about this added expense. LG offers a washer dryer combo that is able to be converted into a portable appliance. Once converted, your tenants can easily connect it to their kitchen sink and plug it into a regular 3-prong outlet. The dryer does not require a separate vent, as it relies upon ventless drying technologies.

If you have laundry connections, or the available space, other options are stackables and side-by-sides. These are separate washers and dryers that can either be placed on top of one another, or set next to each other. The only connections required for stackables and side-by-sides are special dryer plugs, access to hot and cold water supplies, and discharge drains. Again, no dryer venting is necessary, as the LG dryers use ventless drying technologies.