Multifamily Housing Projects Should Include LG Washer and Dryer Models

Multifamily residential housing, such as apartments and condos, should include in-home laundry options in order to be competitive in today’s markets. In the past, it was acceptable to have a central laundry room shared between the residents of numerous buildings in that location of the complex. However, this is no longer good enough for most tenants.

Because of their active and busy lifestyles, people want the flexibility and freedom to do laundry in their own home, using their own washer and dryer. In fact, they do not mind paying more for their monthly rent, lease, or mortgage payment to have this option. They will go out of their way to find communities which feature in-home laundry as an amenity.

Keeping this in mind, there are several different options for both new and rehab multifamily projects to allow you to include in-home laundry using LG washer and dryer models. With new projects, your designs typically include a laundry area in the units. In the past, the problem with the placement of in-home laundry was limited, due to venting regulations. However, this is no longer an issue, today, thanks to LG ventless condensing drying solutions. All that is required when installing an LG washer and condensing dryer is plumbing, a drain, a standard 110V outlet for the washer and a 220V dryer outlet. 

For rehab projects, you may want to look into LG washer dryer combo units, as these take up the least amount of space. In addition, they can be converted into portable units and only need access to plumbing, a drain, and a standard 110V outlet. To learn more about your options, or see if you qualify for special quantity pricing, feel free to contact us directly, 1-800-884-8635.