The Modern Way to Do Laundry Is with a LG Washer Dryer Combo

Already popular in other countries around the world, a LG washer dryer combo is the modern way to do laundry. By incorporating the latest technologies and features, any home, regardless of whether it has a laundry room and washer and dryer connections or not, can have in-home energy-efficient laundry. The tumbling action of the front loading machine gently washes and dries your clothes and gets them cleaner using less detergent, water, and electricity.  

Installing a LG washer dryer combo provides flexible options, depending upon your home and existing laundry connections. If you already have a laundry area, you gain more space with the single appliance. Your new model is connected to hot and cold water lines, the discharge drain, and a standard 3-prong 110 V household outlet. You do not need a dryer vent, as the drying cycle relies on ventless drying technologies, which are more energy-efficient.

For homes without existing connections, you can convert the combo washer dryer into a portable appliance. To convert the machine into a portable appliance, you have to add a wheel conversion kit and a kitchen sink conversion kit. Once these are installed, you simply roll the all-in-one washer dryer up to your kitchen sink whenever you need to do a load of laundry.

Another option is to have it permanently installed in an area of the home with access to hot and cold water lines and a discharge line. Some people choose to have their new combination washer dryer installed under the counter, much like their dishwasher in their kitchen. Visit our website, or call us directly to learn more information about all-in-one washer and dryers, and to obtain assistance in selecting the right model for your home.