Making New Friends at the Laundromat

Even if you have your own LG washer and dryer at home, there are times when you have to visit your local laundromat, like when washing and drying oversized comforters. The laundromat is a great place to make new friends and work on your conversation skills. You may be recently divorced and ready to start dating, or you may have just moved into the neighborhood and are looking for new friends.

The key to getting to know new people is coming to the laundromat prepared. Bring along hangers, detergent, fabric softener, and plenty of quarters. While some laundromats might have access to these items, it never hurts to have extra available. Offering these items serves as a conversation opener.

You should also take along a book or magazine, just in case you visit during a slow period and find you are the only one in the laundromat. If you notice someone eyeing your book or magazine, offer to share it with them and use this opportunity to open a conversation. Other conversation openers you could use are asking to borrow a dryer sheet, what times are best to visit, and asking if there are any good places nearby to get something to eat or drink.

One thing to avoid when making new friends at the laundromat is asking someone to watch your clothes or being asked to watch theirs. You do not want this responsibility, because if something comes up missing, you are the first to blame, or, if they have to leave, you could end up getting stuck at the laundromat all day waiting for them to return.

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