LG Has Washer and Dryer Solutions for Your Home

LG understands everyone has different needs when it comes to doing laundry. Some people only have a small amount of laundry to wash and dry each week, while families tend to have more clothes to launder. LG also realizes some homes may not have existing washer and dryer connections, forcing these people to spend countless hours every week at the laundromat. No matter your individual laundry needs for your home, even in cases where you do not have existing washer and dryer connections, you can find a suitable LG washer and dryer.

Selecting the Right Capacity LG Washer and Dryer

In homes with an existing laundry connection, you have a few options for choosing a LG washer and dryer. You might select a stand-alone model or a combination model. It is important to make sure you select the right capacity machines for your home. With stand-alone laundry pairs, verify that the washer capacity and dryer capacity are similar. It makes no sense to purchase a high capacity washer and a standard capacity dryer, or vice versa.

With combination washer dryers, you have options between 24 inch and 27 inch models. The 27 inch models have larger laundry capacities, so, if you have larger loads to run, choose the larger machine. For homes without existing laundry connections, washer dryer combos are your best solution, because these models can easily be converted into portable appliances that connect directly to your kitchen sink.

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