Use a LG Washer Dryer Combo Ventless Unit If You Forgot to Install a Dryer Vent

Sometimes mistakes occur during construction which can be costly to fix later. For example, the dryer vent for the laundry room of a new home was not installed as the walls went up and drywall was hung. Now that the home is complete, it would require tearing out the drywall and cutting through walls to get a vent installed. However, there are other options available in this situation to remedy this problem. You could look at obtaining an LG washer dryer combo unit with ventless drying, or a stand-alone LG ventless dryer. Both types of machines do not require a vent in order to dry your clothes. Instead, they use condenser technologies designed to remove the wetness from the clothes. 

Get In-Home Laundry with a LG Washer Dryer Combo Unit 

Sometimes your landlord may not provide in-home laundry, or there might not be access to a washer dryer hookup in your rental unit. Luckily, you have another option, besides going to the laundromat, or having to use shared laundry rooms at your apartment complex. You can purchase your own all-in-one LG washer dryer combo, along with the accessories to turn it into a portable machine designed to both wash and dry your clothes all in the same appliance. In order to make your unit portable, you will need a sink conversion kit and a wheel kit. The sink conversion kit allows you to connect the washer dryer combo directly to the hot and cold water on your kitchen sink. The wheel kit makes it easy to roll your appliance over to the sink to do laundry and then back to another area for storage.