Six Laundry Tips to Save Money and the Environment

American families do a lot of laundry. The Environmental Protection Agency calculates that the average American family does more than 400 loads each year. This adds up in energy, water, detergent, and other costs, even if they’re using efficient combination washer dryers.

With a little time and effort, consumers can avoid this unnecessary expense. Households can save money and lighten their environmental footprint by following these convenient money-saving tips:

  • Wash in cold water – Using cold water to wash your clothes will cut down on the energy required to do your laundry. Use hot water only for clothing types requiring that setting or for deeply stained clothing or circumstances when you need to kill germs or bacteria.
  • Air Dry Your Clothes – If you have the space, you can save a lot of money on laundry by hanging your clothes out to dry. Electric dryers consume a lot of energy, while using the sun and wind are free. Experts estimate the average household can save around $60 per year just by air drying half their laundry.
  • Cut back on detergent – Unless your clothes are heavily soiled, a full cup of detergent just isn’t necessary. Water containing laundry detergent often ends up in our lakes and streams, and, even if it is treated at a wastewater treatment facility, it can have a negative environmental impact. Use a little less and make your detergent bottle last longer. By cutting back, you can save up to $80 per year on detergent.
  • Brew your own detergent – Consumers can save big bucks on detergent by mixing their own detergent. With just a little borax, washing soda, and soap, households can easily make their own safe and reliable laundry detergent. This method costs just five pennies per load, whereas the average cup of detergent costs 20 cents per load.
  • Eschew the fabric softener – Households can use a less expensive and more eco-friendly solution to stiff clothes by replacing fabric softener with a dash of baking soda in the final rinse. Baking soda should not be used with bleach, however, as it can cause a reaction creating a toxic gas.
  • Invest in a new washer and/or dryer – Older model washers and dryers can be incredibly inefficient compared to newer models. If you’d like to reduce your power bill and do something to help the environment, invest in an Energy Star-rated washer or dryer. These new models are incredibly efficient and can greatly reduce the amount of energy you consume doing laundry.

By following these money-saving tips, you can help reduce your impact on the environment, while also lightening laundry’s load on your finances.

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