Laundry Tips to Make Doing Laundry More Efficient

For families, laundry can seem like a tedious chore that never gets finished. As soon as you get one load done, there is more dirty laundry waiting to be washed and dried. Even if you spend an entire day doing the laundry in your LG washer dryer, there will always be more clothes to wash a few days later. Rather than let laundry take over your home and run you, regain control over your laundry with these useful tips and tricks. Remember to have fun and get the entire family involved, too.

  1. DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets: Cut kitchen sponges into 2 inch strips and place into liquid fabric softener. Squeeze one out and toss into the dryer with your laundry. Not only do your clothes smell fresh, but you also save money.
  2. Remove Moisture from Non-Dryer Items: Use a salad spinner to wring out excess water from clothing you cannot put into the dryer, before hanging them up.
  3. Whitest Whites: Dingy whites can be restored by using bleach, drying them in a sunny window, or putting them into a pot of cold water with sliced lemons and boiling them.
  4. Removing Musty Smells: Towels and other items can start to smell musty even though they were just laundered. Eliminate the smell by using a few cups of white vinegar in the wash cycle once every other month. The vinegar also helps clean your washer.

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