No Laundry Connections or Limited Space? Consider a Washer and Dryer in One

A washer and dryer in one is the ideal laundry solution for homes, apartments, and condominiums without any existing laundry connections, or those with a limited amount of space. This type of laundry appliance has been designed to complete both washing and drying processes in a single appliance. Instead of taking up the space of two appliances, like conventional laundry pairs, you only need enough space for one appliance.

If you do not have existing washer connections, you have a few different options for setting up your washer and dryer in one. You could hire a plumber to tap into existing hot and cold water lines and a discharge drain line. The only other required connection is access to a standard 3-prong electrical outlet.

Another option is to convert the laundry appliance into a portable machine. This involves having wheels put on the bottom and a sink conversion kit attached to the back where the laundry hoses connect. Whenever you need to run a load of clothes, you roll the machine up to your kitchen sink, connect the hose attachment, plug the electrical cord in, and start your laundry.

Keep in mind complete wash and dry cycle times are longer because both processes are completed in a single machine. As a result, it is recommended you adjust your laundry habits and only do a load or two at a time, rather than attempt to do all of your laundry in a single day. Visit our website to find the right color, size, and style of combo washer dryer for your home, or contact us for further assistance in choosing the right one.