Some Laundromats Feature More than Washer and Dryer Sets

In order to drive customer traffic to your laundromat, you need to come up with creative ideas and offer more than just access to washer and dryer sets. There are several unique laundromats that have taken this approach to keep people coming in and spending their time and money doing laundry at their location. With so many different portable and compact all-in-one laundry options on the market today, laundromat owners need to take their businesses to the next level to keep people entertained as they are doing laundry, just like they would be at home.

Already popular in many European cities, modern laundromats and launderettes (laundromats and bars/bistro pubs in one) can be found all over the place. Here in the United States, this idea is slowly catching on with new and existing laundromat owners. For instance, the LG Laundry Lounge in Harlem, NY, offers the benefit of a home/business office while you do laundry with WiFi access and countertop workstations. As you wait on wash and dry cycles, you are able to take care of your online tasks. 

If you are in New Orleans, Igor’s Lounge and Game Room is a favorite among the locals and tourists alike. It is a restaurant, bar, game room, and laundromat in one, which operates 24 hours a day. You can come in and get something to eat, sip on your favorite beverage, sing karaoke, or play a game of pool as you are washing and drying your clothes in their washer and dryer sets.

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