Install Ventless Dryer Models in Your Apartments and Rental Homes to Add In-Unit Laundry

Adding in-unit laundry to your apartments or rental properties is easy and simple, when you install ventless dryer models. These models are designed to dry clothes using different technologies, without the need for any dryer vent. Because no vent is necessary, this means you do not have to worry about running duct work, installing fire-rated vent chases, worrying about passing building code inspections, or dealing with running vents around corners or long distances. As a result, all construction-related costs associated with installing conventional models are completely eliminated.

Options for ventless dryer models include stand-alone and combination appliances. Stand-alone models do require a special dryer electrical outlet and plug. Combination models are able to be plugged directly into a standard three-prong outlet. This means you need to consider your access to washer and dryer hookups in your apartments and rental homes. If there are already existing connections, you are free to choose between either stand-alone or combination models. On the other hand, if there are not any current connections, you have to evaluate the costs of installing a washer hookup, as well as the dryer outlet, against the costs of a combination washer dryer.

With a combination washer dryer, you do not have to have a washer hookup installed. As an alternative, this model is able to be connected directly to a kitchen sink, to draw both hot and cold water, and to use the kitchen drain for any discharge water. All that is required is to add a kitchen sink conversion kit and install a wheel kit onto the appliance.