Include Washer and Dryer Sets as Part of Any Remodeling or Building Project

If you are an apartment owner, builder, designer, or architect, an important aspect to any home is including access to in-home laundry connections. Whether you rent units in a large complex, design new buildings, build new homes, or supply assistance with major remodeling projects, adding laundry increases the value of the property. Further, with rental units, retention rates are often much higher in units where laundry is provided in-home, rather than in a central laundry room. 

Picking out the right washer and dryer sets to add does depend upon the amount of space you have available. You also have to consider whether there are any existing laundry connections and dryer vents in the home, or if these will need to be added. Older homes and apartments may have been built without the necessary connections. However, this is not an issue if you look into laundry pairs featuring ventless dryers. Ventless dryers do not require installing a vent, as they use modern technology to fully dry clothes. By selecting a ventless unit, your only consideration would be obtaining access to hot and cold water lines, and a discharge drain. 

You have a few options for washer and ventless dryer sets. You might choose a stackable pair, where the dryer is able to be placed directly on top of the washer, when you have limited width space but no restriction on height. Another option is to place the units side by side, instead of stacking them, as could be required to satisfy ADA compliances. In the event you have a limited width space and stacking is not an option, your other choice is to consider a combination unit that incorporates both the washing and drying functions all into a single appliance.