Include a LG Washer and Dryer Combo and Save on New Construction Costs

When you are building a new apartment complex, you can save money on dryer venting by looking into a LG washer and dryer combo. These models do not require a vent, because they use ventless technology in order to dry clothes. The only type of connection you have to include in your construction plans are hot and cold water connections and a drain. Because you are already running plumbing for hot and cold water, as well as drains to each of your new units, adding a laundry connection does not add that much to your construction costs. Further, since the units are able to both wash and dry clothes in a single unit, they do not require much space. LG combos even do not require the large 220 V dryer plugs, and only need to be plugged directly into a regular 110 V outlet. 

Add In-Home Laundry with a LG Washer and Dryer Combo to Your Rental Units 

The types of amenities you offer at your apartment complex often determine how interested people are in renting your units. In cases where you only supply basic amenities, like kitchen appliances and trash service, you can be limited to the amount of rent you are able to charge. This is because you are competing with other complexes in your area that might have a much longer list of amenities for their renters. One thing you are able to do to draw more renters, as well as increase the amount you charge per unit, is to add an in-home laundry with a LG washer and dryer combo. Even if your apartments lack a laundry room or laundry connections, these units are easily converted into portable units, and connect directly to the kitchen sink with an adapter kit.