How to Clean Front Loading LG Washers

Let’s be honest: Most people do not think much about cleaning their front loading LG Washers. They put their dirty clothes into the machine, select the wash cycle, add detergent and other laundry aids, and press the start button. At the end of the cycle, they open the door, transfer the clothes to the dryer, and shut the washer’s door. Eventually, they notice an odor coming from their washer and do not understand why it smells.

The reason front loading washers start to smell over time is because they are not being cleaned and cared for properly. All current LG washer models have a special cleaning cycle you should run at least once a month. This special cycle helps remove residue and buildup left by liquid detergents and fabric softeners.

There are special cleaning liquids and tablets you can put into the detergent dispenser or directly into the washer drum before running the cycle. If you cannot find the tablets in your area, check with your laundry appliance dealer. Another option some people use when they run the clean cycle is to use baking soda and vinegar. Start by pouring about a ½ cup of vinegar into the dispenser, and then pour about a ¼ cup baking soda into the washer tub and start the cleaning cycle.

Besides running the cleaning cycle at least once a month, there are specific cleaning steps you should do every time you do laundry, to help keep the washer clean and smelling fresh in between cleaning cycles, such as:

  1. Once you finish your last load of laundry, take a dry cloth and wipe down the drum and the rubber gaskets around the door. It is okay to wipe under the gaskets to remove any excess water and residue.
  2. Wipe off the entire door on the back and front, as well as around the outsides.
  3. Open the dispenser and wipe up any excess water left inside.
  4. Leave the washer door and dispenser open for at least six hours to give any water you missed time to evaporate. If you close the door, humidity and moisture are trapped inside the machine, and this is one of the underlying reasons for odors in front loading washers.
  5. Once a month, take a damp cloth and wipe down the top, front, and sides of the washer to remove dust.

The first four washer care instructions should also be performed after you run a clean cycle. By taking the time to do these steps after doing laundry, it will not take long before they become part of your laundry routine. Not only will you help prevent odors from developing inside the washer, but your washer will last much longer.

For other LG washer and dryer care tips, feel free to call LG Washer Dryer FJS Distributors at 800-875-1533, and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable laundry experts today.

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