How to Eliminate Dryer Venting Issues When Building New Multifamily Units

One of the biggest obstacles architects face when developing plans for a new multifamily housing project is where to place the laundry room, because of dryer venting rules and regulations. There are limits to the length dryer venting can be run from the laundry room to the outdoors. Additionally, if there are corners to go around, the length is further reduced. The easiest and most cost-effective way to address this concern is to use ventless dryers instead of conventional vented dryers.

With ventless drying, no dryer vent is required or needed. As a result, architects have more flexibility and freedom in creating floor plans for multifamily housing units. The builder will also appreciate not having to worry about running dryer venting for every single unit. In addition, construction costs will be less for the owner of the new units. Not to mention, the insurance rates are lower because the fire hazards associated with vented dryers are eliminated.

Where Can Ventless Dryers Be Installed in New Multifamily Units?

There are several different locations where architects are able to place laundry in the floor plans for the new units they are developing. One option is to use a combination washer dryer and install it in the kitchen next to the dishwasher under the counter. The only connections required are access to a standard 3-prong outlet, hot and cold water lines, and a discharge drain. A washer and dryer in one could instead be installed in a bathroom under the countertop.

If there is a laundry room created as part of the floor plan, the architect only has to make it large enough to accommodate a compact washer and dryer combo instead of side-by-side appliances. If the property owner desires separate appliances, consider recommending stacking the appliances to save on space. Again, no dryer vents are necessary, since LG combination models use ventless drying and LG also offers stand-alone ventless dryers.

In cases where there is not sufficient room in the unit for a separate laundry room or space under a countertop, combination compact models can be converted into a portable model on wheels with a kitchen sink conversion kit. The only space required would be somewhere to store the unit whenever the tenant was not doing laundry, like a small closet or storage area near the kitchen.

For ADA (handicap accessible) units, a LG washer dryer combo is the best solution. The combination appliance is front loading and meets ADA requirements. If the washer dryer needs to be elevated, there is an optional laundry pedestal available to raise it off of the floor.

As a multifamily architect or builder, you can easily see the benefits of eliminating dryer vents and using laundry appliances with ventless drying technologies. To learn more about LG ventless dryers and model options for your new multifamily building, call LS Washer Dryer FJS Distributors, Inc. now at 800-875-1533 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable representative.

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