An Easy In-Home Laundry Solution: A Combination Washer Dryer

In the past, homes without existing laundry connections or dryer venting capabilities had limited options when it came to in-home laundry solutions. They often had to make weekly trips to their local laundromat and spend an entire day washing and drying clothes. Today, this is no longer an issue, thanks to the modern combination washer and dryer by LG.

All-in-one washer and dryer appliances are already popular in many other locations around the world, like the United Kingdom and Ireland. They are well suited for any home with limited space and no pre-existing washer and dryer connections. You do not need a dryer vent to use a washer dryer combo. Clothes are dried using ventless drying technologies.

How Is a Combination Washer Dryer Installed?

There are several different installation options available with a combination washer dryer. Some homes order a conversion kit to turn the all-in-one washer and dryer into a portable machine. Whenever they need to do laundry, they simply roll the appliance up to their kitchen sink, and connect the intake and discharge hose right to the faucet. Another installation method used by some people is to permanently install the appliance under a countertop in their kitchen or bathroom, since it is easy to tap existing water and drain lines in these locations.

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