Date Night at the Laundromat

With people constantly on the go and with busy schedules juggling work, kids, and other activities, the laundromat in some cities is becoming a popular date night destination. While doing laundry in washer and dryer sets with someone you just met might seem like TMI (too much information) about your unmentionables, for others the idea of getting to know their new partner better and faster through their dirty laundry sounds appealing.

Back in the mid-1980s, laundromats were trying out new concepts and ideas to attract singles, like incorporating a café inside the laundromat, or obtaining a liquor license to sell beer and other alcoholic adult drinks. Initially, people responded positively to some of the concepts and spending a Friday night doing laundry became fun and enjoyable, since there were plenty of single people to converse with, and this opened up possibilities of finding someone to date. Unfortunately, many of these “modern” laundromats did not last long, but some have managed to survive by adapting to their customers’ needs.

Two of the most popular laundromats where people spend their date nights are The Wash House in New York City and the Brain Wash in San Francisco. Both of these laundromats offer a wide array of dining, drinks, amenities, and laundry options for their patrons. For example, The Wash House allows guests to drop off their laundry and enjoy an artisanal sandwich, coffee, or beer while their clothes are washed, dried, and folded for them, or they can utilize one of the numerous self-service machines and do their own laundry while dining. In addition, upscale laundromats like these two feature free Wi-Fi access and other amenities to turn the tedious task of doing laundry into a romantic date night.

What Laundromats Can Do to Promote Date Nights

People from all over are catching onto the resurgence of date night at the laundromat. Thanks to free Wi-Fi hot spots, people can post pictures of their date on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other such social media sites. As a result, social media shares, likes, and comments are quickly spreading the word that the new “in-thing” to do on a rainy weekend night, instead of standing in line at a nightclub, is to take your special someone and dirty laundry, and visit one of the laundromats in your area.

As a laundromat owner, you will want to promote date nights for your clients. Do not be afraid to use social media sites to promote your event. Remember to ask your customers for their feedback, as they are a great source of information to help create fun date nights. For instance, you could come up with a themed date night, like one based on a popular game show. Consider establishing relationships with nearby restaurants, so you can offer food at your laundromat other than the snacks in the vending the machine. If delivery service is not available, hire a wait person to take people’s orders, call them in, and go pick them up.

Feel free to experiment with different concepts and themes that do not cost a lot, until you find the ones which work well for your area. Do not hesitate to contact LG Washer Dryer FJS Distributors, Inc. for your laundry appliance needs and laundry tips by calling 800-875-1533 today.

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  1. A laundromat date night is a great idea! Everyone has to do laundry so why not enjoy your time there? Thanks for the great advice.

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