Conduct Your Own Research besides Relying Solely on Stackable Washer and Dryer Reviews

When reading reviews for stackable washer and dryer appliances, you may want to conduct your own research. Often the review is the opinion of the person who wrote it and does not provide a complete picture about all of the functions and features found in the units. Further, some people could be frustrated due to a poor customer service experience, or other issue, so in return they write a bad review, even though they might really like their new appliances.

Besides using reviews to help influence your decision to purchase a stackable washer and dryer, you should also review factual information about the appliances. For example, if you are considering a LG ventless dryer as part of your laundry pair, you need to understand how the dryer operates, as compared to conventional units. Instead of drawing air in, heating it, and releasing it out through the dryer vent, all the air is circulated through the unit, with no need for venting.

A ventless stackable or standalone model uses air-to-air condensation to dry your clothes. These units have two different air circulation systems used to dry clothes and cool the air. The air in the drum is heated to around 160 degrees and distributed through the wet laundry. From there, the air travels through a heat exchanger, or condenser. While this is occurring, the dryer is also drawing air directly from the room at a much cooler temperature and passing it through a different section of the condenser. The cooler air causes the moisture in the hot air to condense and collect away from the clothes. The water removed from the clothes is pumped out of the machine and down the same discharge drain your washer uses. The air is then reheated by passing it back over the heating element, and the cycle repeats until your clothes are dried.