Compact Washer and Dryer Options for Your Home

Whenever you are shopping for a compact washer and dryer, you have a few different options to consider. You could purchase a stand-alone washer and dryer, or a washer and dryer combo. There are key differences between these models and how they operate. With stand-alone appliances, you wash your clothes in one machine and dry them in another. This option is ideal for homes with large volumes of laundry, or if you like doing all of your laundry in a single day. You even have the option to convert stand-alone appliances into a stackable washer and dryer with a stacking kit to help save space in your laundry room.

Washer and dryer combos combine both the washing and drying functions into a single appliance. Washing and drying cycle times are comparable to the total time required to fully wash and dry a single load of laundry with stand-alone washers and dryers. This type of laundry appliance is perfect in situations where you only have space for a single appliance and insufficient clearance to stack laundry pairs, if you do not have an existing laundry room and laundry connections, or if you do not mind spreading your laundry out over several days.

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