How to Choose Laundry Detergents for a Washer and Dryer Combo

Deciding which laundry detergents to use with your new washer and dryer combo is important. Most modern washer dryer combo appliances are high efficiency (HE). This means you want to look at laundry brands featuring the HE logo, as regular detergents and products are not recommended for HE washers and dryers. Once you narrow down a list of HE brands, the next step is to find and use the right detergents and products to get your clothes clean.

There are powders, liquids, tablets, and capsules all available. Powders work well in warm and hot water cycles. They are perfect for ground-in dirt and clay. Liquids are recommended for oily or greasy stains, and these work in any water temperature. In addition, liquids can be used to pre-treat clothes. Laundry tablets and capsules are well suited for regular full loads, but become more costly when used for partial loads or in cases where the clothes are heavily soiled, since you have to use two or more tablets or capsules.

Ideally, you want to stock up on several detergents and products. Stocking multiple laundry detergents and products gives you the best flexibility to choose which ones to use based on the soil level, load size, and cycle, such as pre-treating grass and dirt stains with liquid detergent, but using powder detergent for the regular wash cycle.

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