Change How and Where You Do Laundry with a Compact Washer and Dryer

A compact washer dryer combo is quickly changing how people do laundry. This type of appliance is already very popular in other parts of the world, because it provides people flexibility for doing laundry at home, using a single appliance. In addition, the dryer does not require any sort of dryer vent. As a result, it allows the appliance to be used in any location within the home where there is access to hot and cold water lines and a discharge drain. There is also no special dryer plug required, since the machine plugs right into a regular household three-prong outlet.

Some people place their compact washer and dryer combo in their kitchen under the counter, much like they would a built-in dishwasher, when they do not have a separate laundry area. Connecting the appliance to the water lines and drain is not that complicated, as you are able to tap into the existing lines and drain right in the kitchen. If you are handy with do-it-yourself projects and are familiar with how to tap a water line and drain line, you could do this yourself. However, if you are unsure of the best way to accomplish this, it is recommended to use a professional, or alternatively, convert the appliance into a portable model.

Converting the combination washer and dryer into a portable model involves adding a wheel kit and kitchen sink adapter kit. Once these modifications are made, you can roll the appliance up to your kitchen sink, slip on the sink adapter and use the water right out of the kitchen faucet for washing and drying cycles. Water is discharged from the appliance, directly down the sink drain.