Five Benefits of Using a Front Loading Washer and Dryer Combo

Laundry is one of the most common household chores around the world. On average, a family of four does about 400 loads of laundry every year. There are several different models of washers and dryers on the market today, including top loaders, HE top loaders, HE front loaders, vented dryers, ventless dryers, and combination washer dryers. Out of all laundry models on the market, front loading appliances have several benefits over top loaders.

  1. Energy Efficiency: Front loading machines are energy-efficient. They use a fraction of the water and electricity to wash clothes. Ventless dryers cost less to operate than conventional vented machines.
  2. Get Clothes Cleaner: Front loading washers get clothes cleaner because they are able to remove more dirt.
  3. Better on Clothes: Since front loading washing machines do not have a central agitator, they are not only gentler on clothing, towels, and sheets, but also help make them last much longer.
  4. Stack-ability: A stand-alone front loading washer and dryer is easily converted into stackable washer and dryer to free up space.
  5. Handicap Accessibility: Front loading machines are handicap accessible from a wheelchair and are perfect for homes where someone has mobility issues.

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