Add Stackable Washer and Dryer Units to Your Apartments

Older apartment complexes may have been built without any laundry hookups because they commonly featured a common laundry area for residents. In the past, people might have had the time to spend sitting and waiting for clothes to wash and dry. However, today, people have busier schedules and end up having to balance their time between work and family. This leaves them little time to spend sitting in a shared laundry room washing and drying their clothes. As a result, renters often look for apartments which include in-home laundry as an amenity. Instead of losing potential renters to another community, it is worth your time to install stackable washer and dryer units in your apartments. 

Compact Stackable Washer and Dryer Units Do Not Require a Large Amount of Space 

Compact stackable washer and dryer units are ideal when you have a limited amount of width available, but no restriction on the height. Because the washer sits on the bottom and the dryer is placed on top of the washer, there is only a single width requirement. In cases where height is a concern, but you do not have any width restrictions, the units are able to be placed side-by-side, like larger conventional laundry pairs. Most dryers featured in stackable units are electric air-to-air ventless dryers. The dryer uses condensation and energy-efficient technologies to fully dry clothes, all without a dryer vent. This type of ventless dryer does require a 220 V appliance outlet. The only other connections required are hot and cold water, a drain, and a standard electrical outlet for the washer.