Portable Kit

Portable Kit

Only available with Model WM3455HW, WM3477HS, WM3477HW

What is a Portable Kit?*

The model WM-3455HW can be converted to work with a kitchen faucet, instead of a standard
washer hook-up (hot and cold water, and a drain). This kit includes all hoses, adapters and wheels.
This comes fully converted except for the wheels – NO ASSEMBLY required by you.

*Kit is not an LG® approved or manufactured product.

Portable Kit

In order for the portable machine to work properly, the faucet has to be turned on for the complete wash and dry cycle (the machine will take in water when it needs).

The faucet has to be turned to cold during the dry cycle. If this is not done, the dryer will NOT work! The machine comes completely converted, minus the assembly of the wheels. Legs are left on for shipping purposes.

Portable Kit


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In order to purchase this product you must first purchase one of the following items: LG WM3477HW – 24” Compact Ventless Washer Dryer Combo – WHITE, LG WM3477HS – 24” Compact Ventless Washer Dryer Combo – Titanium.

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